Tips for Taking Pet Photos

* Take the photo while they are playing. 

* Get down on their level and take the picture from the ground. 

* Be patient. 

* Get up close.

* Go outside, the natural light always looks good with their fur.

* Make sure to have plenty of treats. 🙂 

If you have any more suggestions leave a comment 


Dealing With People Who Are Pissed

This is a follow up on my last post.

*What ever you do don’t make them more pissed.

-Hum The Little Mermaid’s song “Under the Sea”

-Offer them a cookie, don’t give them one

-Tell them to build a bridge and get over it

-Laugh at them for being pissed

-Give them a nice face message with you butt

-Hand them a piece of paper and tell them to write their feelings on it

-Stare at them

-Ask why they are so pissed

-Smack them in the face (or butt)

-Eat their favorite food in front of them, and don’t share

-Make jokes about their biggest insecurity

-Tell them that it is not the end of the world and people have it worst than them


Ways to Piss People Off

Blaring your headphones

Go around school or work and say, “(insert persons name here) I DIDNT KNOW YOU LIKE BUTTSEX”

Park in their parking spot

After you go to the bathroom, don’t wash your hands 

Ask to borrow something .. Every day

Take one thing of theirs a day and see if they notice

Smell them

Stare at them and when they notice look away like your staring somewhere else

Keep asking them the time of day

Eat or chew gum loudly

Ask them how to spell dog

say, “You lost the game”

Walk slowly in front of them

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a new television series directed by Len Wiseman. The story line is similar to the legend of Sleep Hollow. Both have the character the Headless Horseman. In the television series, the Headless Horseman has his head chopped off in battle and is cursed. The legend and television show differ when the man who chopped off his head is awakened from the dead to help a police officer to save the town from the headless horseman.

The lighting in Sleepy Hollow gives the overall mood a mysterious and creepy feeling. They often used the colors red, green, and blue. In the opening scene there was a blue tone lighting to the scene. Also the lighting had a strong white light in this scene. This may have represented that this scene took place in the past. There is a scene where the camera pans over the city and the color tone is warm. This gives the audience a comforting feeling.

Later on in the episode, there is a scene when two police officers are looking for a man at his house. One police officer goes into the barn and his flashlight gives off a green color. He is then killed by the Headless Horseman. In the jail cell there is a dark green light that makes the bars on the cell look green. Green is also used in a hospital’s psychiatric ward scene. Green is usually shown in stressful or intense situations. It could be used to cause a suspenseful effect for the viewers.

Red is also a dominant color in this episode. The police officer and the man, who woke up from the dead, were running away and there was a strong ball of red light off in the distance.  In another scene, there was a red light in a grave yard. Red could be used when death is near. It’ll be interesting to see if these colors are used throughout the series.

This show comes on at 9/8c on Monday nights.